Cellular Nutrition

Regenerative Program

Cellular Nutrition

Programme to restore and boost your health in an comprehensive manner, optimising the cellular metabolism of your body. With this programme we will reset the depleted cells their optimal functional capacity.

  • Improvement of existing disorders and pathologies.
  • Restoration of the human organism.
  • To recover cellular biochemical balance.
  • Neutralisation of the toxic effects produced by the habitat.
  • To address the causes of lacking well-being.

3 months:

2 months detox

1 month of cellular re-structuring.

Recommended for
  • Improvement and strengthening the systems that make up your body.
  • If you have a disease, it completes the treatment you are undergoing.
  • Shortening and improvement of the recovery of the body at any post-operative stage.

The restorative treatments are painless, fast, without rejections or contagion, they accelerate the natural processes of healing, restoration and healing of tissues.


      • Assessment of the patient’s health status.
        • Comprehensive medical history.
        • MATTECH: multiorgan diagnosis by bioresonance.
        • IOMET Profile: Personalized report on bi-nutritional imbalances.
      • Reports and contributions.
        • Therapeutic natural drink: drop of bioresonance to the patient’s profile. 
        • Reports of dental needs from a biological perspective.
        • Micronutrient needs report.
        • Personalized diet report, pH.
        • Personalized prescription of complementary techniques.
        • Report of high value analytical needs (specialist in pharmacy and biology).

      * Required conditions must be attached before you go to the consultation.