Preventive Cellular Nutrition

Preventive Program

Preventive Cellular Nutrition

Programme to promote, protect and improve the health of your body at any stage of your life.

  • To act before the appearance of a particular disease.
  • To achieve a healthy ageing.
  • To delay the onset of illness.
  • To promote your health. Its balance between body, mind and spirit.

Preferably two annual visits in exchange for season.

Recommended for
  • People who want to protect their health, strengthening all the systems and devices that make up the body.
  • Prevention of the development of genetic predispositions that lead to disease.
  • Preparation for all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.
  • Athletes.
  • Pre-operative periods

“Micro-nutritional treatments promote wellness, recovery and anti-ageing.”


    • Assessment of the patient’s health status.
      • Comprehensive medical history.
      • MATTECH: multiorgan diagnosis by bioresonance.
      • IOMET Profile: Personalized report on bi-nutritional imbalances.
    • Reports and contributions.
      • Therapeutic natural drink: drop of bioresonance to the patient’s profile. 
      • Reports of dental needs from a biological perspective.
      • Micronutrient needs report.
      • Personalized diet report, pH.
      • Personalized prescription of complementary techniques.
      • Report of high value analytical needs (specialist in pharmacy and biology).

    * Required conditions must be attached before you go to the consultation. 


Price: 500 € / Per visit

* Does not include add-ons.

* Does not include analysis or complementary integrative methods.