Of a Multidisciplinary Nature

The Method of Bioclinica

Taking care of yourself and antidoting the damage that the environment provokes in the human body. That’s  where the vital philosophy of BioClínica resides. The method of BioClínica is formed by six pillars. Six pillars to keep disease away and significantly extend the quality of your life. They are represented by our triskelion -as a symbol of the unity of the human species- in a seamless interaction with the environment. BioClínica methodology promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellness.



Our center was created to keep people healthy and young, balanced in their homeostasis and away from disease. This is the first pillar of our method and we apply it by treating our patients in an individualised way. We value your health and we use the right substances for your body: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, probiotics, probiotics and fatty acids. In our center you will find different clinical tests and preventive programmes that will provide you with a life plan that prevents premature ageing. A healthy life plan..


Good health begins by having a healthy mouth as it has shown the interrelation between the teeth and the different organs and processes that make up our body. Keeping our mouth healthy keeps us away from diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and lung infections among many other ailments.
At BioClínica we join the dentistry with natural biological medicine to form a binomial of exceptional value. We practice a dentistry with biocompatible materials and amalgams free of mercury and other toxic metals. When we make implants, these are zirconium and free of electromagnetic charge thus respecting the natural electrical polarity of our cells. In addition, in all dental interventions we use ozonised water, therefore achieving more effective treatments.



The level and pace of life have changed for the modern man.Today we are exposed to toxic substances that inhabit our daily environment introducing into our body. Our body has tools to defend against these aggressions and eliminate toxins, however it needs external help to complete this process. 

We advise doing a detox process at least once a year to help our body function normally. The processes and programs detox of our center will eliminate those substances that your body does not need, accumulated toxins over the months. Your body once detoxified will work much better, enjoying greater vitality and energy.


We are what we eat. In today’s society, food is considered as a mere commodity, which has led us to an overly simplistic nutritional model. In our center we apply scientific knowledge about nutrition as a basic pillar of our method. By promoting scientific and healthy nutrition, we define the true causes of overweight and avoid various pathologies such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Learning to nourish properly from an integrative perspective is the goal we have for you to be in optimal health.



Beautiful from inside and out. In addition to pure physical appearance, ageing usually means loss of energy, decreased libido and vital tone, loss of muscle mass and many other organic deteriorations.To avoid this, we make the functioning of your body in accord with your physical appearance. Seeing ourselves and feeling beautiful gives us security and reinforces our self-esteem. Two basic pillars understood as the best complement to your state of health.


Cognitive well-being helps you prevent and treat emotional difficulties in behaviour and relationships. Many physical problems are anchored in a psychic origin and encompass biological, psychic and relational conditions, requiring the performance of a multidisciplinary team in synergy with the Psychotherapist to restore the positive feeling of their cognitive well-being. 

If a person possesses mental serenity, this well-being will also be projected on a physical level, since less stress and better quality of rest provide obvious health benefits in general.