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Integrative Therapies

«Detoxification should be the first step into health recovery”. Today, this principle is recognised among health professionals and increasingly they are recommending techniques of organic detoxification to prevent chronic diseases. At Bioclínica Marbella you will find three detoxification programs to make your body work optimally in order to enjoy a greater energy and vitality.


The ozone-therapy opens up the doors to a therapeutic medical arsenal with the best revitalising and anti-ageing method. With physical-chemical qualities that gives the exclusive depurative, antioxidants, immunomodulatory and restorative properties.


Colon hydrotherapy is a cleansing and detoxification technique for the large intestine and its walls. This programme will purify your body, facilitate the absorption of nutrients and activate the cellular renewal of your body likewise at restoring your physical and psychic vitality.


The Photon effect is produced by a microceramic platinum photon that produces a 4-14 microns infrared wave. These waves are vital in the maintenance of cellular integrity. Its frequency causes the rotation and vibration of the water molecules that are present in the interstitial fluid of our cells, thus improving the osmosis and breaking the toxic clusters making them emerge in the form of sweating and favouring the intercellular communication.