Nutrition Consulting

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Nutrition Consulting

BioClínica Marbella consultations are the anteroom to our specific programmes. Thanks to the consultation we will know your body condition and we will bring the outstanding knowledge to help you solve your health problems.

  • To bring outstanding knowledge to help you solve your nutrition problems.
  • To detect what type of program is the right one for you.
  • To acknowledge the current state of health in which you are.
Recommended for
  • Fitness improvement.
  • Learning how to eat healthy.
  • Anyone wishing to start their health programme.

Regardless of your age, weight, physical activity or your overall health, you can achieve your physical goal by counselling and working with our team of health specialists.

  • Diagnosis with medical anamnesis.
  • Iomet, bionutricional profile.
  • Micronutritional treatment.
  • Indication of high value analysis customized for your case.

Price: 75€ *

  • Does not include add-ons
  • Does not include geoenvironmental analysis