Invisible Orthodontics

Invisailgn aligners move their teeth following a series of carefully controlled and programmed movements. Therefore, at each stage only the movement of certain teeth is allowed, following an Invisible Orthodontics treatment plan for that particular stage

  • To close the spaces between the teeth.
  • To make the patient smile naturally, enabling a comfortable and hygienic life even during the treatment.
  • The Invisible Orthodontics uses Align Technology’s 3D technology and mass-made manufacturing to address a wide variety of patient cases that wish to straighten their teeth.

If you are apt to Invisalign the treatment will last for no longer than 18 months. Only 3 months for small dental movements.

Recommended for
  • Anyone who does not want interruptions in their daily life.
  • For those people who do not want brackets.
  • Those patients who want to see the results and the treatment plan in a virtual way prior start and can check the appearance of their teeth at the end of treatment.
«An aesthetic smile is the combination of facial features. The Invisible Orthodontics treatment is a virtually invisible way to align your teeth»
How does INVISALIGN work ?:

All aligners are removable and virtually invisible until the end of natural targets.
Including three clear retainers to keep yourself the results and keep smiling with confidence.
SMARTTRACK material is flexible and offers greater control of dental movements and greater comfort.
Provides CLINCHECK, virtual 3D treatment that shows the expected movements of your teeth during treatment.
* Conditions required to be apt for Invisalign must be met.