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nutrition programmes

Today we know that nutrition is related to the physicochemical and emotional aspect of the organism. Proper nutrition is directly related to the health of our organs and tissues. At BioClinica Marbella you will find three specific programmes of preventive and regenerative nutrition that will keep you in an optimal state of health

Cellular Nutrition

Regenerative program. A programme that combines a detox phase with a restructing phase aimed at improving existing organic alterations in order to regenarate our organism, giving it back its cellular biochemical balance

 Preventive Cellular Nutrition

Preventive program aimed at promoting health in all ages of the human being. People who want to strengthen their health, pregnant, preoperative and athletes can benefit from this program.

Personalised Diet Plan and Nutrigenomics

Regenerative program. With this program you will learn the kind of foods that benefit you, the order of the intake and how to mix the nutrients that will contribute to your body to prevent diseases.