Chelation Therapy



Cleanse of those toxins that prevent the correct functioning of the body through nutrition with natural supplements.
Programme including an examination of the electromagnetic frequencies to evaluate the true causes of the deficiencies and infections of the body that may have altered the spectrum of the waves that interfere in its balance.

  • To clean up the body after the summer fancies and get it attuned to enter with more energy and vitality in autumn.
  • Cleaning of toxins that prevent the correct functioning of the body, through nutrition and natural supplements.
  • To identify the origin of the imbalance and prepare the body for a reset.
Recommended for
  • For all healthy people and patients with problems to lose weight, with obesity, fluid retention,  constipation problems, cellulitis, etc.
  • People who have diseases related to the digestive tract, liver or kidneys; as well as people suffering from respiratory diseases, skin problems such as acne, excessive sweating, or eczema.
  • Highly recommended to those willing to quit smoking, and also the ones that have already quit smoking and want to clean up all the toxins that tobacco has left in their organs.

» It’s always the perfect time to carry out the detoxification, cleansing and tune-up of our body «

Consult Prices for:

  • Basic Examination: IoMET.
  • Complete Examination: Mattech, IoMET.