Personalised Diet Plan and Nutrigenomics

Regenerative Program

Personalised Diet Plan and Nutrigenomics

Program aimed at the best suited type of nutrition to your genetic profile, along with your state, habitat and metabolic condition. The personalised diet plan will help you to establish the dietary guidelines that are suitable for your health and the quality of life at any age.

  • To provide a specific diet to people with or without diseases, make a nutrition tailored to our genes.
  • To ensure an optimal nutrition from pregnancy, childhood.
  • To protect ourselves against certain diseases.
Recommended for
  • Strengthening of the systems and devices that make up our body.
  • Recovery of pathological processes. If you suffer from any functional, organic, biological or psychological disorder.
  • Slowdown of the ageing process.
  • Complementing any medical treatment and / or recovery.

«Nutrigenomics will lead you to a personalised diet plan which is the costume of our DNA, current approach of nutrition for an optimum health from an integrating perspective that sets us apart.”


      • Assessment of the patient’s health status.
        • Comprehensive medical history.
        • MATTECH: multiorgan diagnosis by bioresonance.
        • IOMET Profile: Personalized report on bi-nutritional imbalances.
      • Reports and contributions.
        • Therapeutic natural drink: drop of bioresonance to the patient’s profile. 
        • Reports of dental needs from a biological perspective.
        • Micronutrient needs report.
        • Personalized diet report, pH.
        • Personalized prescription of complementary techniques.
        • Report of high value analytical needs (specialist in pharmacy and biology).

      * Required conditions must be attached before you go to the consultation. 



  • Does not include add-ons.
  • Does not include analysis or complementary integrative techniques.