Detox Program


The Photon effect is produced by a microceramic platinum photon that produces a 4-14 microns infrared wave. These waves are vital in the maintenance of cellular integrity. Its frequency causes the rotation and vibration of the water molecules that are present in the interstitial fluid of our cells, thus improving the osmosis and breaking the toxic clusters making them emerge in the form of sweating and favouring the intercellular communication.

  • To increase the concentration of calcium in the membrane and cellular cytoplasm, producing a «cellular activation»; favouring phagocytosis, elimination of foreign bodies in our body.
  • To increase the intensity of the cerebral rhythms at easing the entry of glucose into the cells, thus increasing the energy available to neurones.
  • To increase the arrival of nutrients into the cells.
  • To produce a remarkable per-oxidation decrease, oxidative deterioration, of fatty acids at improving blood circulation and making it difficult to generate atheromatosis, accumulation of cholesterol and fatty deposits in the arteries.
  • To improve the blood flow of the limbs, the activity of the skin cells.
  • To originate a remarkable decrease in fats, which favours the recovery from circulatory diseases.
  • To help thermoregulatory processes of the body maintaining an optimum pH level.
  • To ease passing gas and toxic materials by fragmentation of clusters, molecular agglomerations of water.
  • To facilitate a quick release of lactic acid in the muscles, thus relieving the physical fatigue feeling.
  • Notable shortening of muscle contracture.
  • Energetically, electromagnetic toning the organism.

1 hour sessions.

Recommended for
  • Osteoarticular, circulatory, hormonal, lymphatic drainage problems.
  • Thinning, volume reduction, cellulite.
  • If you are dealing with obesity.
  • Cleansing and improvement of the appearance of the skin.
  • Relieving joint, neuromuscular pains.
  • If you suffer from sleep disturbances.
  • Promoting the results of usual therapeutic treatments.
  • Sportsmen: improvement of sports performance and reduction of the number of injuries.
  • Athletes: passive recovery by rapid lactic acid clearance.
  • Detoxification of the organism.
  • If you suffer from stress or some degenerative process.
  • Psychophysical tiredness

The individual sauna known as PHOTO DOME, combines the benefits of the traditional sauna with those of this unique fibre, Photon-Platinum. The thermal effect developed by the infrared radiation of this revolutionary fabric is mixed: one part by conduction and another part by irradiation. This thermal effect in contact with the body causes a very healthy resonance.

Consult prices for:

  • 1 session.
  • 10 sessions.

* Does not include add-ons.

* Does not include analysis.