With the arrival of the holidays, our intake of sugar-loaded foods is triggered as we tend to become quite self-indulgent and although who doesn’t enjoy a sweet, it is now more important than ever having a special care because this is the time of the year where we see more dental cavities and oral problems.

Therefore, given that Christmas is approaching, we are going to point out some tips on how to improve dental health habits. It takes very little effort and can help a lot.

Dental care during the Christmas holidays:

1.- To control alcoholic beverages, not by the damage they may cause at a nutritional level, since they are loaded with the so-called empty calories, but because of what they cause to tooth enamel. Red wine seems to be more harmful than white or champagne according to several studies.

2.- To control what type of food we eat. Concerning sweets, it is dark chocolate, since it is the one that contains less sugar, who will help us to end the holiday season without frights, like hard nougat instead of soft, being those foods that tend to stick much less than others to the teeth. Preventing damage to fillings and orthodontics.

Olive oil is a great ally against tooth wear apart from being healthy for our body, acts as a shield against tooth decay by activating a kind of film over the teeth. Protecting your teeth and helping your gums.


3.- Brush your tongue and palate, not only the teeth. Those everlasting snacks and especially copious lunches are the great friends of the halitosis. Remember that any change on your diet and binge eating usually cause bad breath. Try carrying a small brush for when eating out and obviously always remember to brush your teeth before you are going to bed. Remember that altering the routine of oral hygiene benefits the accumulation of bacterial plaque. If you wear orthodontics, you should triple precautions because food can stick to some of your braces. Be careful with soft treats! The invisible orthodontics , so fashionable nowadays, can avoid this type of uncomfortable problems, bringing much less hassle and being possible to take then on and off for meals and brushing.


«Take advantage of the holidays before the important days begin to go to the dentist and solve those problems that already appear. You will enjoy more and better of the parties if your mouth is healthy “


We are at the right time to check our mouth, respecting the principle of prevention rather than cure, thanks to biological dentistry , which provides the patient with the possibility of choosing alternative therapies, which do not have the secondary effects of conventional dentistry so you should go for treatments with less aggressive materials. In this way we will avoid future complications that may compromise our health status, allowing us to enjoy more, and better, any holiday period. Since our mouth and our body will be healthier and we will not suffer the consequences of poor oral health. Which is translated, not only in decay and tooth problems, but in chronic diseases and degenerative conditions.


Thanks to biological dentistry we can relate every dental problem with any health condition. Traditional dentistry performs procedures and uses materials without taking into account the impact that those can have on the health of the entire body, and, therefore your well-being.


«Biological dentistry is the cross-over between oral health and overall health. We know that the mouth is one part of the body and none of the two can be approached as two separate entities «


Through this dentistry, free of metal alloys that are harmful, we are offered a more natural approach to the treatment of oral diseases. In this way, we anticipate possible problems and can avoid complications in our health status, since we will be integrating mouth and teeth, and associating them to different parts of the body as well as to different moods.

We can change our practices and partner ourselves with the most advanced methodologies for being feeding ourselves in the right direction, and we will experience, little by little, how our vitality, state of mind and well-being increase thanks to the development that the new medicine offers us.


To learn more about our latest-generation dental treatments , see our BioClínica Marbella website. You can also come and say hello. We will be delighted to help you. 



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