I remember that scene of Back to the Future II, where one of the main characters known as Doc, shreds some plastic surgery stuff, while telling Marty McFly he was looking 15 years younger. We can’t yet set ourselves for a DeLorean air travel that works with banana peels and rubbish, but the eternal battle of Man to go beyond the limits delimited by the clock of his own existence are moving away at a very least from the utopian outlook. Our biological age is encoded in structures situated at the edges of chromosomes: the telomeres

Telomeres are the ends of the DNA chains that protect our genetic information, as we get older they get shorter. When they were discovered for the first time, it was assumed that their length was quite static when shortened with each cell division and when they reach a critical length, the cell stops dividing or dies. That is, they get shorter because we get older and get older because they get shorter. Destinations that are increasingly closer to being avoidable by the user.

In 2003, the American Elizabeth Blackburn, along with her team, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for verifying how the tumor cells were able to activate the action of telomerase to become immortal.

During the last years, studies of telomerase have shed a lot of light. In Spain, the team of Dr. María A. Blasco, director of the National Center for Oncological Research (CNIO), achieved in 2008 to extend the life of mice treated with telomerase up to 40%. In his book ‘ Morir Joven a los 140 ‘ (Paidós), he shares, the results of his research, about how the aging  process works and its relationship with cancer.


The new theories of aging, which respond to advances in cellular genetics, offer us explanations of the causes and effects of this process, which is similar, in the different levels of biological organization (tissue, cellular and molecular), both in man as in any other multicellular animal. Among the latter, Hayflick’s mitotic boundary theory (based on the depletion of the cell division capacity in vitro), to explain the aging of multicellular organisms. The scientific community generally accepts that aging is linked to cellular disorganization by oxidative stress, caused by free radicals and other reactive oxygen species (ROS), according to the theories independently published by Harman and Gerschman , as well as as the key role of the genome of mitochondria, in the differentiated cells as the main target of ROS, according to the theory of oxidative stress / injury that occurs in them.


‘Anti-aging medicine acts on structural alterations, cellular and degeneration of organs, apparently inevitable, that occur over time increasing the risk of disease and therefore death «


Telomeric biology is rewriting the real Antiaging Medicine , using the word «medicine» to indicate that it is not only external treatments, but a true rejuvenation of the organism in its entirety, whose objective is the development and application of advanced therapies that revert cellular aging and tissues, and can begin to counteract, both at a physical or aesthetic level as metabolic and cellular, the first signs of aging, which begin to manifest around 35 years. An integral approach to health and longevity to help preserve the quality of life, trying to improve bodily functions that, naturally, have decreased because of age.

Anti-aging therapies can give patients a better perspective of life, with less stress and a more positive attitude. They do not respond to a single diagnosis and an isolated treatment, but offer a continuous program and a way of life, healthy habits and adequate nutrition, advised by a professional. This type of medicine is aimed at anyone over 35 years of age, who values ​​their health and is willing to act actively in the prevention, and whenever possible, in the improvement of the disorders associated with aging.

Aging can be treated, prevented and reversed:

An integral rejuvenation therapy, would be focused not only on delaying aging, but on reversing it. Once the body has been balanced and levels have been established to avoid deficient states, intoxications, oxidations and acidification, we can return it to its optimum level, helped by a healthy lifestyle, helping us withbioantidotes *   that act on the immune system to recognize that it is activated in a certain disease.

«Bioantidotes» are anti-aging supplements, such as cycloastragenol and astragaloside IV, Stems Cells Activator or growth hormone. Elements already present in the human body, but with a very low bioavailability. With them you can treat aging, not as a fatality, but as a disease that could be fought and, above all, cured. They act within the chemistry of the human body by renewing DNA. It is already possible to repair our cells from within. It is the same human body that activates the procedures.

(Azagra, José Antonio, pers. comm, 24 January 2017)


Its main objectives are:

    • Lengthen the shorter telomeres (with the cycloastragenol and / or astragaloside IV) and protect the average length these.
    • Activate in a natural way the production of multiplication and migration of stem cells
    • Rejuvenate senescent cells
    • Activate anti-aging genes P16 and P53
    • Reproduce caloric restriction (with oxaloacetate)

«The biological or functional age is what informs us of the real age of the cells and organs of our body, being decisive in a matter of longevity»


That an enlonganción of the telómeros reverts our state of health to a previous biological level, will depend, to a large extent, of the state of our immune system. This means, returning the mitochondria to a previous state, where there are no alterations involved in the dysfunction of their mechanisms, which have 90% of chronic diseases as a consequence. For this, the treatments with micro-immunotherapy specifically regulate different mechanisms in the dysfunction, being a diagnostic and therapeutic method that approaches the individual as a unique entity, with a single genetic fingerprint.

It is therefore a new pillar in the recovery of our organic balance to apply formulas where a complementary treatment is achieved that aims to regulate the functions of this system when there has been some alteration in its operation.

Our true age The biological factor The two key ages of the human being are chronological and biological:

  • The chronological age is what marks our DNI.
  • The biological or functional age is what informs us of the real age of the cells and organs of our body and is decisive in terms of longevity.

What is micro-immunotherapy used for in anti-aging treatments?

  • Prevent the immune depletion characteristic of senescence (either natural or clinical stress)
  • Counteract the proinflammatory effects induced by various causes
  • Favor cell regeneration, avoiding the reduction of telomeres.

These diminished states can be treated immediately with micro-immunotherapy. Others require a prior check, through analytical tests. Depending on your personal status, your doctor will set up a personalized plan with various proteins such as cytokines next to DNA and RNA nucleic acids. With the bioantidotos that each patient, previous study, requires.


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