In Spain, colon cancer is the highest incidence among men and women. It is a disease that takes years to develop, but once it manifests it is already too late. Hence the importance of early detection.

The journalist Jesús Martín Tapias , passed away last 5th of November victim of this terrible disease. His personal combat against cancer led him to publish a book called ‘Mi Maratón contra el cáncer’ that has just been released.

Martín Tapias has given us a posthumous work where he tells how he lived through the different stages of this disease, from his diagnosis, to the cycles of chemotherapy he had to endure, going through a personal investigation that took him years of work. An allegation of the least working ethical methods ins and outs  of the health and world-wide medicine organisms, that in Spain could be saving thousands of lives a year with just a simple test. A preventive test that costs only two euros.

After several years of struggle, Jesus got the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) to lobby the Ministry of Health for that preventive test to be included in 2014 in the basic portfolio of Social Security services. The AECC set a term of 10 years to the autonomous communities to implement it. However, currently only applies in Euskadi, Navarra, La Rioja and the Valencian Community.



Hydrocolon therapy is a cleaning with water from the large intestine to help the body preventing and detoxifying from substances and putrefaction products, caused by bad eating habits such as excess saturated fats or alcohol consumption.

This method is carried out with a sophisticated machine  through various sessions – of approximately one hour -introducing filtered and sterilised water with ultraviolet light to perform a thorough cleaning of the three parts of the colon, as well as the rinsing of accumulated waste and adhesion to the rectum’s walls along with mucosa and toxins. This system is not more invasive than the old enemas and is much less annoying.




In all the ancient systems of medicine, of Egypt, India or Mesopotamia, for thousand of years they have been applying enemas with the idea of ​​eliminating the adhesions of feces that have been accumulating for many years. In order to renew the intestinal flora – allowing an adequate reabsorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals and water) -. In this way, we will reduce the general toxicity of the whole body hence obtaining better health. The most visible improvements are those that are noticed in the appearance of the skin and face. Therefore, many celebrities, movie stars, models and people who live their image, are made several sessions a year to have a better look on their skin.

What the colon can not eliminate, due to its own saturation, tends to be eliminated through the pores of our skin. With hydrocolon therapy we will be avoiding an overload in our intestine, so that our dermis will become radiant by not having to perform extra tasks. Therefore, colon cleansing has many health benefits and is highly recommended for detoxification.



The hydrocolon consists of circulating water in the large intestine, through a cannula that is introduced into the rectum, allowing the arrival of ozone-oxygen water that will expel waste from the interior. It is a painless treatment that consists simply of slight peristaltic movements that mimic those of natural evacuation. The hydrocolon with ozone heals the intestinal walls and destroys all pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses, fungi or bacteria activating the reforestation of the flora with symbiotic bacteria.

«Irrigating the colon we will facilitate the repairing action of the liver, improving and preventing certain health problems by promoting the detoxification of our body. After the irrigation you feel a feeling of release and lightness. We will also be improving the quality of our sleep «

It is recommended to have at least one nutrition consultation , to evaluate, through a clinical history of eating habits that have led the patient to that state of precarious health, our body of bad habits that contribute to having an intoxicated colon and, thus, , to be able to reset it.


• Obesity and poor digestion
• Intestinal sloth, constipation
• Gases and flatulence
• Edema, colitis. Crohn’s disease 
• Period pains 
• Chronic fatigue 
• Liver overload 
• Elimination of parasites / worms 
• Regeneration of the intestinal flora
• Elimination of diarrhea, whether by viruses, bacteria, or parasites
• Improvement in muscle tone of the abdomen
• Prevention in colon cancer
• Loss of volume and lightness of weight in people with excess weight and increase of this in thin people by a better assimilation of nutrients 
• Disappearance of allergic symptoms
• Improvement of edema and inflammatory states 
• Improvement of chronic diseases such as candidiasis  
• Elimination of toxins (essential and excellent results) 
• Decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels
• Improvement of sexual function
• Immune system stimulation 
• Prevention of infectious diseases by improving the immune system
• Prevention of tumors.

«The large intestine is responsible for storing the waste from the digestion and absorption of food to then concentrate and evacuate through the rectum and anus»

Colon hydrotherapy will help to cleanse and free the body of parasites, free radicals and pathogenic bacteria, thanks to the irrigation of filtered water at medium temperature and very low pressure in the large intestine. Thanks to an apparatus with sophisticated control systems and through a thin disposable cannula, which is inserted through the rectum, an automatic and instantaneous filling and emptying of water is achieved, which dissolves all deposits adhered to the colon in a definitive manner.

This water therapy is totally hygienic, painless and inolourous and without having to go through the unpleasant experience, typical of the old enemas and enemasthat have been carried out all over the world for a long time.


The programme is designed for patients as a preventive method and also for patients with:

• Digestive and intestinal diseases (constipation, irritable bowel, diarrhea, flatulence, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, among others)

• Tiredness

• Loss of sexual activity

• Infertility

• Migraine headaches

• Allergies

• Psoriasis

• Acne

• Lumbalgias

• Arthritis, among others

It is recommended to consult   to those people subject to the following conditions or pathologies:

• Pregnancy

• Renal insufficiency

• Congestive heart failure

• Arterial hypertension without control

• Rectal cancer

• Bleeding hemorrhoids

If you would like to know more about our Colon Hydrotherapy , visit our BioClinica Marbella website.


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