May they want us more stressed, fatter and less rebellious? Answering to this question, without sounding like a conspiracy freak, à la David Icke, is not an easy task. But not as crazy as one might think. 

We know that testosterone is the male sex hormone, although women also produce it but in much smaller amounts. It is responsible for regulating sexual desire, as well as our strength and muscle growth. In addition to that, testosterone decreases your body fat and improves the cognitive functioning.

Our hormones regulate the drives, emotions, feelings, cravings and desires, but also the growth, development, recovery, vitality, sleep and rest. Always according to the needs of your body our hormone levels are adapted to take the control  over the different biological processes that are carried out. 

Infections, and liver and kidney diseases, as well as alcohol abuse or treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy can also result in a decrease in testosterone levels. Having low testosterone levels can have devastating effects on your body.

» The hormonal imbalance we are experencing today is another consequence of our new lifestyle»


According to some scientific research a decrease in the testosterone levels of the male population has been noticed for the last twenty years. And one of the reasons for this could be found in the xenoestrogens.


But what exactly are xenoestrogens?

Xenoestrogens are synthetic chemicals that can enter our body and simulate the effects of the female hormone oestrogen. The were man-made but thinking first on  (of course) in the industry and not in human health. They are present in many products of daily consumption and pass to our body through food or skin.

Vegetables are sprayed with xenoestrogens (pesticides that contain them); we eat these vegetables directly or through the grain with which they have been fed. It goes into our body through meat products

They are everywhere and the ones who are behind the dramatic decline of testosterone levels in blood of Western men and also involved with the strong increase in the incidence of gynecological cancer (mainly breast and ovaries) of Western women.


Today, the sexual decline of  the Western male takes off around their 30-35 years. The average blood testosterone levels of a 35-year-old male are equal -50 years ago-to a 50-55 year old man.

This fatal decrease in testosterone levels is increasing, exponentially, the problems of sexual impotence and infertility. Nowadays, young people start with these problems, at younger and younger ages.

Much of the pesticides and preservatives that are sprayed over the food have powerful oestrogenic effects, which means they are composites that, once introduced into the body, behave like oestrogen.  Many foods are wrapped in plastic and to a greater or lesser extent will move into the food, as they do,  just like the case with water bottles,  having also a powerful oestrogenic effect, as they are xenoestrogens.

If you are interested in knowing more about this topic,  I would  recommend you a documentary film entitled: «The Disappearing Male«. It was first shown on CBC, in June, 2009, but it can be online.  


«A good level of testosterone is not only related with health but also with beauty»


That the population has been «oestrogenized» is a fact that can be notice by observing how the physical shape of men has changed in the last years. This will explain why it is increasingly common seeing men having  stored fat on buttocks and hips. Even men having cellulite, since low levels of testosterone leads into an increase in the cortisol production, better known as the stress hormone, which contributes to muscle mass loss, slowdown of the basal metabolism and to store fat in certain body areas. All these things used to be problems to be referred, almost exclusively to females.


«We need testosterone for our physical and mental balance»


When we are more stressed we are also less healthy and on top of that we get more depressed because our self-esteem is so low. It is a dangerous catch-22 not only for the physical health, but for our mental balance.

Strength training, and non-joint exercises, such as deadlifts and squats, adding HIIT cardio and a diet rich in zinc and vitamin D are straightforward developers of  a testosterone levels improvement, at any age and in both sexes.

It’s not a good-looking future ahead, our testosterone levels are keeling over decade after decade. We need to keep looking into acceptable levels to improve our  health and benefit out life conditions but our environment does not make it easy  for us.

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