Preventive Program

Rejuvenation Programme

It slows the biological ageing through a global vision that corrects the imbalances of the organism and indicates a new plan of life to stay young and healthy.

This program evaluates the patient in an individualised way and in all the contexts: physiological, metabolic, biochemical and psychological or emotional.

  • To keep young and healthy, prevent and slow down premature ageing, ward off illness.
  • To trace the origin of the imbalance and not simply treat the symptom on time but to treat the patient in an integral way, achieving benefits not only locomotor and functional but also the aesthetic, organic and psychological level.

First visit of anamnesis and exploration.

Maintenance phase quarterly or semi-annual according to medical indications.

Recommended for
  • For every person even for the unborn baby. Even before pregnancy the «nest» must be prepared to receive the human being, and from that moment and place the healthcare can be and must be protected.

«Ageing is the most important risk factor for all diseases. We must put more effort in treating and preventing diseases that reduce quality of life.»


  • Valoración del estado de salud del paciente:
    • Historia Médica integral.
    • MATTECH: Diagnóstico multiorganico por biorresonancia.
    • Perfil IOMET: Informe personalizado sobre los desequilibrios bionutricionales.
    • Revisión completa de Odontología Biológica. Radiología y limpieza bucal.
    • Mineralograma: carencias y exceso de minerales,  intoxicaciones por metales pesados.
  • Informes y aportes.
    • Bebida terapéutica natural: drop de biorresonancia acorde a su perfil.
    • Informes de necesidades odontológicas desde una perspectiva Biológica.
    • Informe de necesidades micronutricionales.
    • Informe de dieta personalizada, PH.
    • Prescripción personalizada de técnicas complementarias.
    • Informe de necesidades analíticas de alto valor (especialista en farmacia y biología).

* Se deben adjuntar las condiciones requeridas con las que debe acudir el paciente para las distintas pruebas y/o técnicas complementarias.

* Does not include add-ons.

* Does not include analysis or complementary integrated techniques.