Platelet-rich plasma



At BioClinica Marbella, treatments are currently being made in alopecia, hair loss, with platelet-rich plasma with PRPO3 medical ozone. In parallel PRPO3 is injected into facial wrinkles. Being the most natural treatment.

  • To eliminate all alopecia whenever there is a hair follicle.
  • To keep facial skin young and disease free.
  • With the added value of Cellular Nutrition restoring homeostasis and Medical Ozone as the best antiseptic and restorer.

Each session lasts 1 ½ hours. 
Depending on the personal situation, and the advanced stage or not of the organic condition it will be required more or fewer sessions for a complete result. 
Every 3 weeks one single session must be carried out in order to send the regenerative stimulus to the cells. Prior to this there is no effect.

Recommended for
  • Facial wrinkles, bar code, crow’s feet.

» Growth factors are proteins that are contained in platelets that transmit signals to cells so they start forming new tissue, promoting the development of new blood vessels and stimulating regeneration by young cells. «

* Does not include add-ons.

* Does not include analysis or complementary integrated techniques.